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Hi, my name is Ruben van der Veen from Stade near Hamburg.
7 years ago my tattoo career began.

In the middle of a Tattoo session with another Tattoo-Artist I posted the comment…. “Give me that thing, I want to try it myself!!!”
I was quite surprised when he pressed the Tattoo Machine into my hand and wished me well. After a few minutes, I gave him the machine back anyway :-).

As a result, I had such a taste for it that a few weeks later I decided to buy my first tattoo set. Actually just to tattoo myself, in my time-limited life, pretty much by myself.
After putting some Tattoos on myself, a good friend came up to me and asked if I wanted to put a Tattoo on him too. Zekers!…. no problem….
When the time finally came, I had my pants pretty full and thought several times: What did I get myself into?
Then things went incredibly fast, more and more people came to me so I had less and less time for my regular job.

By now, all that I can and know, I have taught myself and am still looking for even better results on the skin.
At the end of 2019 I decided to quit my old job and open my own Tattoo shop, where I can be found every day since then.
I ran the first conventions in 2022 and started right away at the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention, soon followed by Utrecht and Rotterdam.

This made me want to walk around in this wonderful, crazy world and try to make people happy.
So hopefully we’ll speak sometime, and who knows…. maybe someday I can tattoo you:-)

Bunte Grüße,
Ruben van der Veen

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