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Right Stuff Shop was born out of friendship and pure passion for tattoos. In the current market, we could not find the perfect machine. This was the beginning of our search for tattoo machines that consist of THE perfect blend of high-quality technology and particularly eye-catching aesthetic features. about us

Our handmade machines are of a different caliber than the equipment commonly used by professional tattoo artists. During the development process, the special needs of our professional are taken into account. The result is a completely unique tattoo machine of high quality that perfectly suits the working style and manner of our artists.



Different tattoo artists have different requirements. We believe it is important to maintain an approachable contact with professionals and are happy to listen to individual needs and feedback. In this way, we can continue to optimize our offerings. We do a lot with the feedback we get. It is important to us that tattoo professionals are convinced of our tattoo machines. We prefer to see that artists have worked with different machines, so that it really becomes clear that with Right Stuff Shop’s coil and rotary machines, you have in your hands the very best: a high-quality product completely tailored to you and your special needs.


We do not target the masses, but want to reach the tattoo artist who is different from the rest and wants to stand out professionally. The professional who knows what he/she wants and wants to take his/her work to the next level.

What we stand for

Right Stuff Shop provides customized services. We are small. With us you won’t find large print runs, but custom-made tattoo machines of high quality that do a good job! From cartridges to the tattoo machine and everything in between, you are guaranteed a class product. We fully stand behind our products and offer good warranty! Only high-quality materials are used. The short lines of communication we maintain with tattoo professionals provide us with immediate feedback. This way we can continue to ensure our high quality.

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