Mini Dozzer trueLiner (Bronze)



The experienced artists, working in tattooing business for many years, will enjoy this light-weight (150gr) aluminum miniDOZZER TrueLiner ALU Tattoo Machine. This contemporary stuff is really an uncompromising solution for a professional. The device will evenly create any lines in one run, but it likes experienced and disciplined hands. It does not know the problems when working with 7 –14 Rl needles. The long-stroke machine for creating skin paintings is created to work with delicate thin skin mostly. When a young woman asks a master making her a certain tattoo, and the image has many details and lines, the artist will certainly use this tool. This liner is presented in a robust but light frame. Its 26 mm coils of the best quality have nine wraps.

Ordering this True Liner at Right Stuff, you get the unit tuned and ready for use. However, like any other tattoo machine, the tool can require more fine-tuning. The device runs at frequency of 140Hz and 6, 6 V voltage when it is unloaded.

  • The frame is machined from a single piece of aluminum
  • High quality coils – 26 mm * 9 wraps
  • Blued steel hardwarePreferred needles 7-14 rl
  • Long stroke
  • Runs 140hz at 6,6 volt -unloaded
  • Weight 150gr.