Mini Dozzer fastliner black (ALU)



Professionals, working in popular tattoo salons, often meet many clients daily, working for 8 –10 hours. Creating skin images, they use special equipment – devices for lines and shades. Therefore, due to vibration coming from these machines, they feel some tiredness and tension in their hands. Working with miniDOZZER FastLiner ALU Tattoo Machine, you will never get these unpleasant and even painful feelings. The unit’s frame material is 7075 aircraft aluminium, thus the device weight is only 145 grams. Compared to the liners manufactured for the same purposes (creating even lines on a client’s skin), this item is very light and convenient. Even working with it for 8 hours, you will not feel any annoying sensations.

The item works with 3 –9 Rl needles. Making medium strokes, it runs very fast at 160 Hz frequency and 6, 6 V voltage. This compact liner 26 millimeters 8 wraps coils is the perfect tool for professionals. However, the beginners will easily learn all the details of working with the stuff.

  • The frame is machined from a single piece of 7075 aircraft aluminium
  • High quality coils – 26 mm * 8 wraps
  • Blued steel hardware
  • Preferred needles 3-9 RL
  • Medium stroke
  • Runs 160hz at 6,6 volt -unloaded
  • Tattoo machine weight 145 gr.