Keg Slide black



Mankind started using rotary mechanisms thousands of years ago – even before the times when everybody was sure that our Earth was flat. In the early Middle Ages and a couple of hundred years earlier, windmills were rotating in the fields – that were the most primitive rotor mechanisms.

Today the smallest rotary engine is perfectly settled in the world of artistic tattoos. For instance, KEG Slide Rotary tattoo machine is a bright representative of these devices.

In this unit, the bearing drives a small element that is called a slide or a pin. The return spring allows this element to glide smoothly up and down, ensuring a stable needle 3, 6 mm stroke. Working at 8000 RM speed and 6 – 13 V voltage this light aluminum machine weights only 120 grams.

Rotary machines are rapidly becoming popular, gradually replacing classic induction devices for creating skin images – tattoos. The secret of their success is very simple: they do provide unique high versatility at a sustainable price.

  • Rotary tattoo machine
  • 3,6mm stroke
  • 8000 RPM
  • Preferred voltage 6-13 volts
  • Recommended Needles: Up to 9 Liner, UP to 23 Mag
  • Aluminium Body
  • Weight 120 gr.
  • Clip Cord and RCA