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Lucky Trueliner ALU (gold)

  • Coil tattoo machine
  • Power liner
  • Frame made of 7075 Aviation Aluminum
  • High quality coils – 26 mm * 9 windings
  • Black and gold colored
  • Suitable for needles 9-18rl
  • Long stroke
  • operates at 135hz at 6.6 volts no load
  • Weight 150grams.
  • Still 2 in stock




The Lucky Trueliner ALU (gold) is a combination of unique design and durability.
All Richtstuffshop tattoo machines are handmade. Rightstuff uses high-quality materials. By combining these two things, all our coil tattoo machines are unique and of very high quality. Rightstuffshop uses a pro tattoo artist team. This team provides immediate feedback on all our innovations and developments. In this way, we ensure that each coil tattoo machine performs optimally. The result of these efforts is a tattoo machine that not only looks good, but is also very reliable! With over 10 years of experience, Rightstuff is one of the most reliable brands in coil tattoo machines.

Do you want to work with a unique coil machine and make the sessions for yourself and your client run as smoothly as possible? Then buy the Lucky Trueliner ALU (gold).


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